Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday March 27

Hello All,

Another hot and humid day with lots of work on the schedule.  I finished one side of the Haitian roof project, we have one room left for tomorrow.  Jim was on the cleanup crew today, emptying out rooms where they were storing scrap lumber, rebar, and a whole lot of chain link fencing.  We had a Haitian lunch which was VERY good, we had rice, chicken, goat (yes I made Jim eat goat), fried okra (its not okra as we know its some sort of root, but anything is good deep fried), and hush puppies.  We apologize for the lack of pictures on this site, we are having issues with uploading them, Jim has been successful in uploading them to his facebook page.

Curt & Jim

Roofing, Haitian Style

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