Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday March 26th

Hey Friends and Family,

Work started today, Jim and I were at the OK Corral lots of painting.  Then we attempted to reroof an apartment, we tried engineering it the American way but the property manager showed us the Haitian way, and we learned the proper way it is to be done.  We will be back there again tomorrow to finish our roofing and many more projects.

The OK Corral is a large property (3 acres) where Heartline Ministries will be able to put all of their programs at one site.  Their programs include school, bakery, sewing center, and women's education center.

I hope it rained back home, we have had thunder showers every night here which helps cool things down a little but does nothing for the humidity.

We are doing well, God bless,

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  1. It poured here all Sunday night. Sounds like they have some real work for you to do. That's great! You guys are in my prayers.