Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 8 of our 7 day trip

Patience.  God seems to be teaching us this virtue.  Our flight was cancelled this morning and we were unable to book another flight until Sunday afternoon.  We will be arriving at LAX at 9:15pm.

Friday after finishing up our projects we went to the tin market where they cut, bend, shape, paint and laquer these pieces of art.  It was facinating to see it done.  We then went to a street that is lined with paintings for sale.  And finally we went to a hotel restuarant for pizza, yes pizza, and it was pretty good!

Interesting observation:
The traffic here is choatic, lots of honking and swerving in and out of traffic.  There are lots of motorcycles serving as taxis and they all replace their horns with car horns.  As you pass someone you honk before and then after passing, so you can be easily fooled by a motorcycle that sounds like a buick.

Both of us really wanted to be able to get home tonight.  Cooler weather, our own beds and ice cream were items on our list.  Thanks to all who are having to cover for me (Jim) tomorrow at worship.  We look forward to see you all this week throughout Holy Week.

Jim and Curt

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday March 29

Today was an extremely physical day.  We formed up a 10 meter by 5 meter pad for their future bakery.  We had to wheelbarrow loads of broken concrete and gravel from across the property to backfill the pad.  Its very hard to shoveling broken concrete, but we got it done.  I think Jim is starting a union and seems to have the support of the rest of our group as he insists on taking lots of breaks.  Ibuprofen is a beautiful thing.  We have a short day tomorrow to finish some of our projects and then we will visit the market.

The food has been wonderful, lots of rice, beans and chicken, which as I am typing this I realize it sounds alot like southern California cuisine.  Jim and I have represented the Lutherans well, at breakfast and dinner we sit in the exact same spot (at the head of the table).

We are looking forward to coming home to some cool weather.

God Bless.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday, March 28

Friends and Family,

Today might have been the most physically demanding day.  It might have been because of some tired arms from moving debris yesterday but today has us wheelbarrowing dirt and rocks to prepare a cement pad that will used for a future bakery.  I think it was also the hottest it has ever been during our time here.  The temperature was way over 90 and humidity was pretty hot as well.  It just made for a long day of service.
We have a full day tomorrow and then a half day on Friday with the afternoon spent on shopping for souvenirs. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday March 27

Hello All,

Another hot and humid day with lots of work on the schedule.  I finished one side of the Haitian roof project, we have one room left for tomorrow.  Jim was on the cleanup crew today, emptying out rooms where they were storing scrap lumber, rebar, and a whole lot of chain link fencing.  We had a Haitian lunch which was VERY good, we had rice, chicken, goat (yes I made Jim eat goat), fried okra (its not okra as we know its some sort of root, but anything is good deep fried), and hush puppies.  We apologize for the lack of pictures on this site, we are having issues with uploading them, Jim has been successful in uploading them to his facebook page.

Curt & Jim

Roofing, Haitian Style

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday March 26th

Hey Friends and Family,

Work started today, Jim and I were at the OK Corral lots of painting.  Then we attempted to reroof an apartment, we tried engineering it the American way but the property manager showed us the Haitian way, and we learned the proper way it is to be done.  We will be back there again tomorrow to finish our roofing and many more projects.

The OK Corral is a large property (3 acres) where Heartline Ministries will be able to put all of their programs at one site.  Their programs include school, bakery, sewing center, and women's education center.

I hope it rained back home, we have had thunder showers every night here which helps cool things down a little but does nothing for the humidity.

We are doing well, God bless,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday, March 25

Family and Friends,

Sunday started with worship  at Port-Au-Prince Christian Fellowship followed by lunch at John house.  After that it was time to tour the downtown area of Port-Au-Prince.  That tour was very eye opening and teh pictures below do not do it justice.  It was depressing in seeing humans living in tents and tin shacks.  It was fustrating that it seems nobody is really doing anything to remedy the problem.  It is hard to believe that living in 2012 we can't fix this problem.  It seems that the world should be upset about it but I guess apathy is winning out.  Anyway, Curt and I are both healthy and looking forward to starting the service portion of the trip tomorrow.  We are working at the OK Corral.  I told Curt that I get to play Wyatt Earp and he can be Doc Holiday.


Jim and Curt after worship

Our tour of Port-Au-Prince

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some pics and video from Sat. 24

The view from outside our guest house.

Curt kicking back on the top of our transportation van. 

Our bus

Larry, Head of Security

Finally in Haiti

Hey family and friends,

We are finally in Haiti.  Had an early morning but the flight was good and short.  Haiti is alot like we thought but also "rougher".  The house we are in is very nice and we are looking forward to lunch and some touring of the area.  We feel very safe and are ready to work.  We will upload some pics tonight so you can see what is going on.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Made it to Miami. Crashing for a couple hours and then a 7:30 am flight to Port-Au-Prince. Next entry from Haiti.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost there

Friends and Family,

Curt and I leave in 2 days for our time in Haiti.  I think we are both excited but also a little nervous about getting there and acclimated as quickly as possible.  While none the projects that we are doing will be very hard, the surroundings will make it a challenge.  I have walked through some remote parts of China, but seeing the poverty in Haiti will be shocking.  Please keep Curt and I in your prayers and we look forward to sharing pics and stories over the next week.