Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday, March 25

Family and Friends,

Sunday started with worship  at Port-Au-Prince Christian Fellowship followed by lunch at John house.  After that it was time to tour the downtown area of Port-Au-Prince.  That tour was very eye opening and teh pictures below do not do it justice.  It was depressing in seeing humans living in tents and tin shacks.  It was fustrating that it seems nobody is really doing anything to remedy the problem.  It is hard to believe that living in 2012 we can't fix this problem.  It seems that the world should be upset about it but I guess apathy is winning out.  Anyway, Curt and I are both healthy and looking forward to starting the service portion of the trip tomorrow.  We are working at the OK Corral.  I told Curt that I get to play Wyatt Earp and he can be Doc Holiday.


Jim and Curt after worship

Our tour of Port-Au-Prince

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