Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday March 29

Today was an extremely physical day.  We formed up a 10 meter by 5 meter pad for their future bakery.  We had to wheelbarrow loads of broken concrete and gravel from across the property to backfill the pad.  Its very hard to shoveling broken concrete, but we got it done.  I think Jim is starting a union and seems to have the support of the rest of our group as he insists on taking lots of breaks.  Ibuprofen is a beautiful thing.  We have a short day tomorrow to finish some of our projects and then we will visit the market.

The food has been wonderful, lots of rice, beans and chicken, which as I am typing this I realize it sounds alot like southern California cuisine.  Jim and I have represented the Lutherans well, at breakfast and dinner we sit in the exact same spot (at the head of the table).

We are looking forward to coming home to some cool weather.

God Bless.

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