Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 8 of our 7 day trip

Patience.  God seems to be teaching us this virtue.  Our flight was cancelled this morning and we were unable to book another flight until Sunday afternoon.  We will be arriving at LAX at 9:15pm.

Friday after finishing up our projects we went to the tin market where they cut, bend, shape, paint and laquer these pieces of art.  It was facinating to see it done.  We then went to a street that is lined with paintings for sale.  And finally we went to a hotel restuarant for pizza, yes pizza, and it was pretty good!

Interesting observation:
The traffic here is choatic, lots of honking and swerving in and out of traffic.  There are lots of motorcycles serving as taxis and they all replace their horns with car horns.  As you pass someone you honk before and then after passing, so you can be easily fooled by a motorcycle that sounds like a buick.

Both of us really wanted to be able to get home tonight.  Cooler weather, our own beds and ice cream were items on our list.  Thanks to all who are having to cover for me (Jim) tomorrow at worship.  We look forward to see you all this week throughout Holy Week.

Jim and Curt

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